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Factory Automation

Quality + Productivity = Profitability

Better ideas are the fuel in the engine of long-term economic growth, quality is the driver and increased
productivity is the key.

Our Factory Automation Group works hand-in-hand with our Process Controls Group and Coating Systems
Group, harnessing the synergy of a well-coached team.

Many paint finishing systems can benefit from the addition of our automated loading, masking or transfers.
For example, the automated transfer of parts from a paint line to a bake line can dramatically reduce the
buildup of paint overspray on the conveyor fixtures.

Similarly, the Process Controls Group can add features to the factory automation: Features that don't just make the system run - they make it run better. Process control features can make it easier to set up the line or change parts styles. Process control features can collect data (pointing the way to improving quality) with components such as parts tracking systems, and generate reports that allow management to more effectively schedule production and maintenance.

Factory Automation Capabilities

CSG Factory Automation systems can include any of these components:

  • Conveyors

  • Gantries

  • Robots

  • Turntables

  • Accumulators

  • Vision systems

  • Dispensing units

  • Inspection stations

  • Parts tracking systems

  • Automated loaders

  • Storage/retrieval

  • Automatic assembly

  • Bar code or RF identification

Following the CSG approach, we will help you analyze your manufacturing process to ensure that every operation is a value-added step. In the design engineering phase we will study which factory automation components should be sourced and integrated and which ones need to be custom-designed and manufactured by CSG.


Satisfying Solutions

The CSG Factory Automation Group will provide an automated system that can meet your goals for:

  • Implementing manufacturing cells

  • Executing Lean Manufacturing directives

  • Achieving Six Sigma initiatives

  • Meeting environmental regulations

  • Conforming to industry codes and standards

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