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Coating Systems


CSG is an authorized integrator for Plaforization(tm) one-step cleaning and phosphatizing systems. Follow the link below to learn more about this environmentally-friendly, space-saving, ambient temperature, pretreating process for your metal parts.

Spray Automation

CSG has added the Artomation(tm) line of automated spray machines to our turnkey finishing systems. Vertical or Horizontal, 1, 2 or 3-Axis, your spray machine will be designed and built to meet your specific requirements. Follow the link below to learn more about these precise and flexible automated coating machines.

The Right Equipment

Designs of Paint Finishing Systems vary tremendously because customers' parts do. Each product requires specific conveyor systems, parts washers, and coating methods. CSG is not limited to certain proprietary technologies. We incorporate the best tools and technologies to suit your product and your coating material into a turnkey system designed to meet your needs cost-effectively:


Paint application

  • Air atomized paint spray

  • Air-assisted airless

  • Electrostatic rotary atomizers

  • Electrostatic powder spray


  • Fluidized powder beds

  • Robot paint spray

  • Controlled dip



  • Overhead monorail or power & free

  • Flatline belt conveyors

  • Roller and chain conveyor tracks

  • Chain-on-edge spindle conveyor systems

  • Flight bar and walking beam type

  • Custom precision indexing conveyors

  • Continuous strip (unwind/rewind/capstans)

  • Rebar handling

  • Gun movers, reciprocators and oscillators


Spray Gun Movers

  • Vertical oscillators (short-stroke)

  • Horizontal reciprocators (long-stroke)


  • Programmable gun movers (multi-axis)

  • Spray gun positioners (in/out)

  • Powered rotators


Robot Integration

  • Paint robots

  • Material handling robots

  • End-of-Arm tooling

  • Environmental and safety enclosures


Parts fixturing

  • Parts hangers

  • Parts racks

  • Workholder tooling

  • Paint mask design

  • Transfer grippers


Ovens & Cure Technologies (Ovens meet NFPA 86 standards)

  • Gas or electric convection ovens

  • Radiant wall infrared bake ovens

  • Short-wavelength and near infrared systems

  • Convection/IR hybrid

  • Induction preheat

  • UV cure chambers

  • Cooling tunnels


Parts Washers & Pretreat conveyor lines

  • Zinc or iron phosphate pretreatment

  • Spray or dip chromate lines

  • Stainless or mild steel construction

  • Polypropylene fabricated

  • Composite construction

  • DI or RO water rinses

  • Mechanical brushing or ultrasonic cleaning


Spray booths (All booths meet NFPA 33 standards)

  • High-efficiency dry filter

  • Recirculating or auto balance

  • Downdraft water wash

  • Waterborne paint reclaim

  • UV paint reclaim modules

  • Powder spray booths

  • Ceramic glaze spray booths


Paint line automation

  • Automatic loading

  • Automatic unloading

  • Automated masking

  • Parts transfer from paint line to bake line



  • Clean rooms

  • Air makeup units

  • VOC emissions reduction

  • Waste water treatment systems

  • Solvent reclaim and filter disposal


Operator control interface

  • Graphic display monitors

  • Touchscreen or keypad

  • Hazardous area enclosures to meet NFPA codes

  • Explosion-proof or intrinsically safe wiring


The CSG Approach to Paint Finishing Systems


We understand that a successful paint finishing systems project can only result from a partnership between:

  • You, the end user

  • Your coating material supplier

  • Your pretreat chemistry supplier

  • Your paint system provider


As your turnkey system provider, we will ensure that every important voice is heard - before the paint finishing systems design is set in motion.


How Do You Measure Success?


Success means meeting your entire set of objectives for the finishing systems project - even the ones you may not have recognized yet. For example, the paint finishing systems project must enable you to:

  1. Meet your customer's performance spec's

  2. Optimize coating performance

  3. Maximize product quality with low reject rate

  4. Be durable and reliable

  5. Integrate into the plant process flow

  6. Support your corporate manufacturing philosophy

  7. Minimize direct and maintenance labor


Produce high material efficiencies

  1. Occupy a minimum of floor space

  2. Conform to safety and environmental standards

  3. Give you useful management information feedback


CSG will ensure you achieve your finishing systems project goals, by combining:

  • Partnership (The team approach)

  • Experience (Our finishing systems background)

  • Process Testing (The scientific method)

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